Instructions for use lamps


Filling Instructions:

Recommended Fuel- Kerosene Based, Refined, High Quality Lamp Oil

Unscrew or take out bottom fuel vessel from the lamp. Unscrew burner and fill vessel with fuel. Replace burner and screwed it. Light wick and adjust flame to approximately 1/8·¨ by wind on or down the Wick Control. Screw fuel vessel to upper part of lamp or put fuel vessel back the lamp and after allowing about one minute for the lamp to achieve air circulation, the flame can be raised to the required height. A flame height of 1/2·¨ is recommended.


First apply a light smearing of metal cleaning agent (ie, Brasso, Wenol) and using a dry, soft, cloth, rub off briskly to achieve a bright polished finish.


It is important that the wick be cut level with the burner tube, and that the carbon deposit is cleaned off regularly, to ensure a bright light.

Please note: Do Not Overfill the Fuel Vessel. We suggest the fuel vessel be full.

Caution: Do no use any type of spirit or alcohol base fuel.

All electric version lamps operate on decor style (25-60 watt) light bulb.

Lamp Ideas:

Home Use: Light the dinner table-add romance. Light that dark passageway. Use outside on a patio or deck. Use during power outages or shortages. Take it camping or to the cabin. Decorate a shelf, or the mantel. Use it as a beautiful conversation piece. Explore that neighborhood cave. Dig that tunnel in your basement.

Marine Use: Light the galley or head at night. Light the galley table. Hang it in the cockpit (gimbals or bracket available). Hang on the end of the boom as a mooring light at night. Light the engine area during servicing.

Corporate Gift: Personalize it with a corporate logo. Engrave it with the recipient·¦s name, a date or event name anything. They make great safety awards. Use them for retirement gifts. Celebrate an employee·¦s tenure.

Awards: Safety. Appreciation/Recognition. Fine Workmanship. Design Genius. Historic Quality. Timeless Design. Function & Design.

Office: Leave it on the desk, or shelf, to impress colleagues. Bring it to meeting as a sample of a timeless, functional inspiration.

Collectible: They hold their value. Collect the entire line. Our lamps are new, but you can bang yours up a little, soot, and make it look used. Place it in your collectible case.

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